Knitting Classie

Knitting Classie!I’ve started teaching a regular knitting class through a new company called Classie! It’s been a really amazing experience to be able to bring the joy of knitting to so many people! I just love showing people how to knit and working with people, and watching as their brains and muscles learn to work together in new ways in order to create fabric by specially looping together sticks and yarn! I’m so proud of everyone and am also proud to boast a 100% success rate! Everyone has learnt to knit so well!

They are booking out fast, and you can book here. We meet at My Sweet Memory, which is a Korean desert cafe on Bathurst St, near Town Hall(Sydney). Classes are chilled and supportive and everyone works at their own rate.

You can also Learn Crochet, go on Op Shop tours, and learn how to make movies through Classie. They hold classes in Sydney and Melbourne.

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Hi! Welcome to Miss Helen's spycore dot net. I'm Miss Helen, I'm a Sydney based graphic designer, installation artist and craftsperson of all trades.